Coronavirus Update

We are here if you need us...

In the coming weeks we will continue to deliver as full a service as is possible. We are having to make adjustments to our working practices to protect our tenants and staff in response to Government advice about measures to reduce exposure to this virus.

From Monday 23 March 20202 our offices will be closed to the public and we will not be making home visits other than for emergency repairs (please see below). For our support clients we will be making daily telephone calls. This may not be from your usual support worker, as our staff will be working on different rotas to maintain business continuity.

We can be contacted on 0161 235 6900 from 9.30am to 4.00pm between Monday and Friday switching to our emergency service at other times.

During the past week we have been speaking with the most vulnerable tenants known to us to discuss the support that they will need in the coming weeks. We will be making daily/weekly telephone calls to tenants who have asked for this level of contact to ensure that they can access support networks to avoid them becoming completely isolated. If you would like staff at People First to be in regular contact with you to discuss your concerns, please let us know so that we can tell you about the services that will be available to help you.


Hulme Initiatives - We will be keeping you updated about current and new initiatives within Hulme and across the city as we hear about them on our website. This will include neighbourhood support schemes and volunteering opportunities. If you have information or ideas that we can develop in partnership with our tenants, please share these by emailing us at


Rent Payments – We would like to reassure all tenants that we won’t be starting any possession proceedings and we will not be evicting any of our tenants because of rent arrears during this period of crisis.

We have received reassurance from Manchester City Council about how they will be managing the payment of Housing Benefits.

A key focus for us at this time will be in supporting those tenants whose work patterns and income will be severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. If you are worried about any financial difficulties, we urge you to get in touch with us. We will do everything we can to offer help and support during this challenging time, including help claiming benefits such as Universal Credit.

However, it is extremely important that those tenants that can pay their rent continue to do so, to avoid the stress of having to deal with rent arrears and potential legal action in the future once things get back to normal.


Repairs Service - Carrying out gas servicing and emergency repairs will continue to be critical for People First. However, it is inevitable that we will have to provide a scaled down service as our repairs contractors are likely to have reduced capacity to carry out works. Our priority will be to maintain the health and safety of our tenants, so we will need to suspend non-urgent repairs and review urgent repairs on a cases by case basis.


Symptoms of Coronavirus - Based on current evidence Coronavirus presents with flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough and difficulty breathing. Most cases appear to be mild.

Our main concern is your health and safety, and that of our employees and contractors. All of us are encouraged to take preventative measures to reduce our potential exposure to Coronavirus.

For this reason when arranging for a contractor to visit you at home we will need to ask you if:

·         If you have symptoms as described above;

·         are unwell;

·         have Coronavirus or you think you have been in contact with someone that has the Coronavirus;

In some cases we will need to re-arrange appointments with you when you let us know that you are no longer affected by the virus or need to self-isolate. We are aiming to continue to deliver our emergency repairs service irrespective of whether tenants are affected with Coronavirus.


More advice and information about health symptoms is available online at:


We want to ensure that the contact details we hold for you are up-to-date. Please phone us or email or if you have recently changed your phone number or email address so that we can amend our records.

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