People First Housing Association have a legal duty to check all gas appliances within each property annually. We will write to each tenant at least 28 days before your check is due. It is important the check is carried out on time.

Once we write to you can either ring the contactor on 0161 652 3838 to book an appointment or you can contact our office on 0161 235 6900 and we will arrange an appointment for you.

The engineer will check the safety of all pipework, appliances and flues. If there is a simple problem, the engineer may fix this on the spot. Alternatively, the details of more complex issues will be included as repair and maintenance recommendations in the safety report. We will then arrange a separate appointment for these issues to be addressed.

Once the annual check has been carried out, the gas engineer will fill in the Gas Safety Certificate, a standardised document confirming that all relevant safety checks have been carried out and the rental property meets all legal requirements.

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