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Manchester Move

Manchester Move is the place to find advice on the best housing solutions for your circumstances. This may include social housing, private renting, home ownership and mutual exchanges.

The Manchester Move website advertises ready-to-rent homes for around 18 not-for-profit landlords. You bid for them, the landlord decides who gets them based on their allocations policy. 

How do I register for Manchester Move?

If you are new to Manchester Move you need to complete a short questionnaire by clicking here and within a few minutes, you can have personally tailored housing options advice. 

Depending on your current circumstances, your options might include advice on buying a home; private renting; employment advice, and your prospects for social housing, including whether you would be likely to receive an offer if you chose to register. 

Applicants with a good chance of being made an offer of social housing are invited to complete a full registration. Many of the answers you give on the questionnaire will be fed into the registration form, so you don't need to type them again.

Further information about Manchester Move can be found by clicking here 


New to mAnchester Move?

Click the link below, complete the quick questionnaire and get tailored housing options and advice. If you meet certain criteria, you can also register for social housing.

Already registered?

Click below to log in to your Manchester Move account.

Here you can bid on properties you are eligible for, see the results of your previous bids and update your Rehousing application.

Mutual Exchange & House Exchange

A mutual exchange is way for social housing residents to find a move by swapping homes with another social housing resident. People move for many reasons, maybe your current home is too large or too small or perhaps you want a change of scene.

You can swap homes with any council tenant or Housing Association tenant in the UK providing you and they have the right to mutual exchange and both parties wish to swap.

The principle can work between any locations or even all in the same street! You are not restricted to your current landlord; all social housing landlords are required to allow mutual exchanges. The key is to ensure that everyone has looked around the properties involved and is happy to move.

You can either home swap with one tenant, known as a direct exchange or you could try and find a multi way house exchange. There is no limit to how many people you can have in your home swap chain, however the more people in the home swap, the more complicated it can get and there is always the chance that someone in the chain could change their mind.

However, multi way mutual exchanges are becoming increasingly popular as they give you more ways of getting into the property you want.


House Exchange

House Exchange is a mutual exchange service for finding a home swap. If you’re a Council or Housing Association tenant and you need to upsize to a bigger house, or perhaps want to move closer to family, this service can provide you with excellent facilities to find the best home swap to meet your needs.

How House Exchange works

To start finding a home swap, simply register today by clicking here.

As soon as your property becomes activated it will be advertised instantly for everyone to view. You can then view your direct and multi swap matches straight to your phone, laptop, tablet or computer

There is an in-house messaging service available through the website which allows you to talk to tenants you’re interested in swapping with.

Lettings policy

To view our lettings policy, simply click here.

If you have any queries or questions about registering with Manchester Move or about your current application you can speak to one of our dedicated Housing Officers on 0161 235 6900 or email housing@pfha.co.uk

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